Je m’appelle Kristin. Mais tu peux m’appeller Kristina Laval.

In the midst of creating this blog’s name (Kristin à Laval) I realized the web address may look more like Kristina Laval to the Anglophone eye. If that helps you remember the blog address, so be it. We can call it my new pen name, considering the French aren’t able to pronounce the name Kristin anyway.

Besides that, I could probably use an alter ego considering I am moving to a foreign country all alone exactly six weeks from today! Kristina Laval, for example, would never commit social faux pas unknowingly in France. She wouldn’t stick out as American at all, and her French speaking skills would be flawless. Kristin, on the other hand, tends to do awkward things like use outdated French phrases and simultaneously mispronounce them, or fall ass first into seatless toilets.

Honestly though, some of the toilets in France are really weird.

Just as an example.

I believe my biggest challenge in France (besides potty training myself all over again) will be to navigate between my American identity and assimilate back into my French identity, neither of which I feel completely a part of. Oh you know, and teaching little ones English and hunting for an apartment sight unseen might be a bit of a challenge as well. But I think those things I will be better equipped to handle.

I will be in Laval (if you haven’t figured that out yet), a mid-sized town set on the Loire river, about an hour and a half west of Paris by train. According to my sleuth-like Wikipedia research, it has 155 days of rain a year.

First item on checklist: Buy quality rainboots. Maybe two pairs. Probably in black (that’s Kristina talking).

In the meanwhile, this is exactly what I’ll have to look forward to.