Wow, what a crazy first couple days it has been.

I would try to spend more time making this blog sound all flowery and nice, but today I just don’t have the energy, though not necessarily in a bad way.

It’s funny, while I was at the airport in Denver I decided to pick up a book for the 12 hour flight ahead of me. I bought Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer, something I hadn’t read since my senior year of high school. It’s actually very fitting, because even though I won’t end up starving to death in the wilderness like Chris McCandless (breath a sigh of relief, Mom!) I am kind of alone on this adventure, like he was. And it’s scary. But also pretty epic.

Last time I was in France, I had a solid support network and the school planned everything for me. This time, I have to find my own place to sleep and make sure I get food in my stomach, and I can’t count on Cory to navigate the trains for me anymore. Steady Internet has been tricky to come by and I just downgraded from an iPhone to a rudimentary phone with limited minutes.

So no, obviously this is not the Alaskan wilderness. But sometimes when you are lugging all of your crap around, and you are lost and don’t know where you’re going to sleep tomorrow, and you are depending on the kindness of strangers to get by, it sort of feels like being a nomad. Just in an incredibly beautiful city instead of the bush.

I was actually in panic mode last night because I found out that all the hotels I can afford in Laval are booked for the next week. But lo and behold, two couples and a girl my age from Couchsurfing (identity verified and positive recommendations and everything!) offered me a room to stay in for a total of two weeks. Hallelujah.

Tomorrow is probably my last full day in Paris, then I will take the train to Laval. Until then, I need enjoy the spontaneousness that is now my life, no matter how overwhelmed I may feel. To have so few obligations is quite a privilege, once you think about it.