The month leading up to my departure from the US, I felt like Murphy’s Law was actively seeking me out and following me around with relish. Everything that could go wrong seemed to be going even more wrong, and I felt incapable of doing anything but hiding out in my room and watching subpar network television to cope.

After having trekked through such a tiresome month, I anticipated the upcoming one in France to be quite difficult, considering I would be moving to a town where I didn’t know a soul and would have to find my own place to live without any assistance.

And it is with great pleasure that I can prove my worrisome self wrong. With both luck and patience, most of the problems I encountered in the US were resolved right before I left. My friends and family gave me a delightful and heartwarming goodbye, and since then I feel like I have been riding a wave to a parallel universe in France where everything that could go right seems to be going even more right.

Estelle spent far more effort than I would ask of anyone to help me hunt down an apartment, and she is taking me to sign the lease for it tomorrow. A spacious room with blue wallpaper and a retired fireplace, furnished with a twin bed, two armoires, a desk and a little sink.

My favorite part is a french window that has the sweetest sheer curtain over it, which opens to a beautiful garden view. What is more, the room is reasonably priced, at the center of town right by a bus stop, and I have two new French roommates about my age with whom I will share a kitchen and bathroom.

In sum, it is better than I had possibly hoped for.

This, on top of Couchsurfing hosts who have taken me under their wing and truly made me feel welcome and at home in Laval. I won’t be writing anything this weekend, because Estelle’s family is taking me on a trip to the beach. After that, I have orientation for my job teaching English in elementary schools on Monday. All I can say is, what have I done in this lifetime to deserve such wonderful circumstances?