This week has been filled with lovely things, so lovely I have been neglectful of writing as of late.

Although I hadn’t mentioned it yet, I met another friend through Couchsurfing who has put in a great deal of effort to make me feel at home in Laval. Her name is Charline. She’s 24 and lives with her boyfriend in a cute, modern home next to one of the schools I work at. She speaks excellent English (even though I rarely give her much opportunity to speak it with me). She is also the first vegetarian I have ever met in France, and she loves to cook, which I of course have no objection to!

Delicious homemade dinner and a vegan dessert

In the past week or so, she has had me over for dinner two or three times. We have gone to two concerts, one book fair, and one bar. Her group of friends, who have known each other for a long time, have also been very welcoming and have introduced me to a music scene in Laval I otherwise never would have known existed.

Tonight I’ll be over for dinner again, and this time we will be playing board games with friends. Or, as the French say, jeux de société. Sounds much nicer, doesn’t it?