I have probably sung along to the YouTube video below about 16 times. Since the song repeats itself four times within the video, I think it’s fair to say I’ve actually sung along to this song at least 64 times.

At least I can tell you in full confidence that I do not listen to this during my free time, despite what a catchy song it is! Seriously though, it has been stuck in my head all week.

It’s actually for my work, since I have set out to teach my 240+ students (!) the days of the week in English. I am teaching at three different elementary schools in Laval, and at each elementary school there are 4-5 different grade levels with 20-30 students each. This means I also interact with 12 different teachers, all of whom have different expectations of what I should be doing.

Some want me to help with pronunciation but have lessons already planned. Some want me to lead half of the class while they lead the other half. Most have absolutely no involvement and expect me to plan and teach the curriculum for the year.

This is both exciting and challenging, because on top of this all of the children are at varying skill levels of English, and I am coming in with only the slightest clue of what their knowledge is. Throw that in with different learning styles and expectations, and every hour of my job is different.

This first two weeks working have flown by, and after this week I have two weeks of vacation. Since I only work 12 hours a week, this kind of feels like a vacation from a vacation, but I would be a fool to complain. Oh France, how you pamper me so.