When I visited my aunt and uncle in Germany, my uncle decided to take me for a day trip to Luxembourg! I remember reading about this little country for the first time when I was taking an introductory French class in middle school, and I always wanted to visit it since.

We stopped by Luxembourg City, which is the capital of Luxembourg and has only about 100,000 habitants. Walking around, it was mostly serene and quiet, though there were still plenty of shops and things to look at. Don’t be fooled by the size though – it may be tiny, but it also boasts the second highest GDP in the world, and it has a palace to boot!

We started the day off by going to an open air market. This is around the end of it, but they did have a beautiful array of flowers to look at.

This is also part of the market, which had a wide sampling of foods. We ended up going back before leaving, and bought some absolutely delicious hummus, olives, and sun-dried tomatoes to have with dinner in Germany that night.

We then went to see the palace, which is small but ornate to say the least. They also always have a guard standing in front, who has to look forward and can’t smile. Sometimes the guard also puts a show on marching back and forth for no apparent reason but to amuse the tourists.

Since it was a rainy day, we went to a café right in front of the palace, and grabbed two delicious croissants with coffee and hot chocolate. At this place they heat up the milk for you, then you select a block of chocolate to melt in the milk and drink. I was feeling adventurous and tried the hot chili chocolate. Usually things that are branded “hot” or “spicy” in Europe don’t make the cut for me, but this was actually SUPER spicy. I couldn’t even finish it!

After warming up with our drinks, we took a walk around the city.

This is one of the lovely parks we walked around, which made me nostalgic for the fall in Colorado and Indiana.

By the time it was noon, we stopped into a restaurant for lunch. The decor was awesome! Luxembourg City is a charming place for a day trip.